Priya Bhargava : At the age when people climb the stairs of success unfortunately Priya Bhargava had to mount on a wheelchair. But this definitely did not stop her from achieving what she dreamed of. With hard-work and a passion that never retrieved and died, she became Miss India Wheelchair 2015 and to notch the glory the first woman in India to become an ambassador of Miss World Wheelchair.

Virali Modi : She fought a fight for her life and went up to become Miss India Wheelchair Runner-up 2014. From being a victim to contracting malaria to making it to the list of top "100 women (BBC) 2017" for her efforts to make railways more accessible for differently abled, her legacy continued and she showed that the world is filled with abilities on wheel as a matter of fact it is how we showcase those abilities. Currently, she stands tall fulfilling her duties as a disability right activist.

Jeet Trivedi : Blind folded wonder boy, though not blind Jeet Trivedi has enhanced his four other senses allowing him to be more known of surroundings. He has indeed proved that he doesn't require eyes to fulfil daily needs as driving, reading or even passing thread through needle. He has trained his senses to a superhuman level. Jeet has carved his abilities to wonderances and we felt proud to have him share the stage with the other dignitaries.