MJ 5 : The reincarnations of the legendary Michael Jackson, the fascinating, sensational and mesmerizing dance group, the champions of all the known and a pioneer of the dance shows, "India's dancing superstar 2013" set the stage ablaze at Artico'18. World Record holder moon-walk magicians, moonwalked into audience heart with their electrifying performance. They were surely the star of the night as audience grooved with them at Artico night.

Saurabhdan Gadhvi : A multitalented differently abled artist with his picturesque water drumming act left the audience amazed when the young gun from Rajkot made the water groove at his beats. With no pause of the cheers and claps, Saurabh's act was icing to the cake in star studded Artico night.

We Are One : The not only Differently Abled, but Divinely Abled dance group We Are One made us believe that there is no such word as Disablity with their dance. The extremely talented group of Differently Abled Dancers made the audience Grooved.

Illuminati Crew : The only Performing arts company in India to perform Tron Dance and having specialization in Black light theatre acts let exuberance out of audience in ABCD 2. Performing their efficacious UV act they lit up the environment of Artico'18.

Sarvam Patel : Art is the greatest form to explore yourself through various ways. Team PRERNA was more than delighted to invite one of India's leading sand artist Sarvam Patel. He is known for his extra-ordinary work in the field of sand painting and sculpture art with glue art adding more to valour. The Internationally known artist has worked for brands like TATA, Vodafone, Skoda and many such big names leaving the audience mesmerised by the charm of his art.