"Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas only, which really separates sheep from goats."

Blaze the fibres, tackle those screens and slay the projectors; here comes the call for ignition. With the evolution of time, indubitably the corporeal concern too has been an affair. Fortunately, technology has walked side by side and established itself as an integral part. IGNITE gives an opportunity to boost-up and apprehend through a PowerPoint Presentation.


- This event requires individual participation.
- Participants need to send ideas which may be helpful for differently abled people in any manner in form of Microsoft word documents.
- Font-style : Times New Roman Font-Size : 12
- Useful videos or any other form of additional information may also be included in the form of links.
- You have to mail the content to msuprena01@gmail.com.
- Ideas if found imitated from any kind of source will lead the team to disqualification.
- You may register for the event at the Registration Desk.