In Their Shoes

"When you are in a journey full of hurdles , it makes you more constructive at the end..."

Entering in the era of intuition and afflatus along with testing your physical competence , In Their Shoes is the event which will give you a tremendous experience realising you about the obstacles faced by differently abled. The tasks given to you will challenge your calibre and will provide you a compassion. In this event you will go through an enterprising ride of entire hinderances pairing in a team of 3.


- Visitors must participate in team of 3 participants.
- The event consists of rounds which will test not only your physical ability but also spontaneity.
- The Rounds and Tasks will be revealed on the spot.
- The decision of the judges will be held final and under no circumstances be changed.
- Team PRERNA takes no responsibility of any injury during the event.
- Team PRERNA holds the right for making final decision in case of any conflict.