Vision Du Reel

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you"

In this golden era of documentaries, Vision-Du-Reel provides you a platform to showcase your thoughts, stories by making short documentaries on given topic. Documentary film making is a better way to make films because it's real, and you're really there. They have incredible power of touching minds and influencing the decisions. Make it to share your emotions and realize it. Pick up your camera, elaborate your ideas, and make a beautiful story.


- The movie has to be apt for the cause and should depict the topic given properly.
- The Event shall be Judged separately at School level and College Level.
- The video must only be in either of .avi , .mpeg , .wmv , .mov , .mp4 format.
- The decision of the Team PRERNA will be held final and under no circumstances be challenged.